Things to keep in mind before starting Javascript framework

Javascript Fundamentals

Young and upcoming developers often asked me which Javascript framework to opt for. We have popular javascript frameworks like React, Angular, Vue etc. It will be a devastating mistake if they choose the wrong Framework.

I myself wasted two months learning framework. After spending two months in a framework only, I realised that I need to get my Javascript concept strong.

Javascript Fundamentals If we talk about the big three frameworks React, Angular and Vue all do the same thing, and the only difference is their syntax and different build process. The overall concepts in all the big three are pretty the same. But in my opinion, the most import thing is Do you know enough Javascript? One should focus on learning the core fundamentals of Javascript.

Many people jump into Framework too quick, and they face problem like:

  • It becomes difficult to distinguish which part of the code is Javascript and which part is Framework.
  • Higher-Order Functionmapwhich for example, people who jump intoReactthink that map is part ofreact as it is used to loop through an array to render JSX component.

Therefore, it becomes essential for a developer which Framework he/she chooses. Because you spend a year learning, React framework and then later the framework starts vanishing then the year which you spent learning React becomes useless. Therefore, the best thing is to get the Javascript concepts and fundamentals right. There is no brainer, and you need to learn the fundamentals and basics of any programming languages.

Javascript Fundamentals The must-know basics of Javascript fundamentals like:

  1. Variable
  2. Data types
  3. Arrays and Object literals
  4. Functions
  5. Objects
  6. Events
  7. Loops/conditionals

One should go further and learn the core fundamentals of Javascript like:

  1. ES6 syntax
  2. Http request
  3. Event-Loop
  4. Modules
  5. Classes
  6. Arrow functions
  7. Promises / Asynchronous requests
  8. Array and Object Destructuring
  9. Concept of components & state Spread operator
  10. High order array functions

We can find tons of articles/videos on websites like Which framework to choose React or Vue. React vs Vue etc. They make lots of drama out of it. It is not important which framework you pick the most import is how excellent is your javascript skills.

If you are good at Javascript, then you'll be able to switch framework very quickly.

In my opinion, another vital thing is in Javascript is learning Algorithms and Data Structure. Algorithms are very helpful in solving problems. It requires a lot of practice.

As far as Framework is concern, there are two fundamental concepts:

  • Component
  • State Components are nothing, but it encapsulates pieces of the user interface like NavBar, SearchBar etc. We can have a component within a component.

Before we have a framework, we used to have separate Html, Javascript and CSS and are really monolithic and messy unless you follow a strict pattern. Framework basically fixed the problem. They help in a consistent way to write code. They help you in the screen into components rather than having one HTML for the whole screen. And we have a state which is data.

The point I'm trying to make here is the framework is not that important because they all work the same.

One should never stop learning Javascript as it is always changing, and you want to keep updated with stuff.

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