My Monthly Update [May 2020]

I am super excited to share a bunch of news and updates for the month of May. I'll be following the same in the coming months. As this helps me in keeping track of what I did and how I managed my time the previous month.

I wrote 9 articles

In this month, I have written nine articles which mainly consists of Javascript concepts and some coding challenges.

  1. Strapi.js - Open Source Node.js Headless CMS
  2. Things to keep in mind before starting Javascript framework
  3. Learning Web Development? Here's the nitty-gritty of JavaScript you may have skipped/missed!
  4. var, let, and const – Why to avoid var 😷 and how to put the other two to good use? - Javascript
  5. Deep dive into Asynchronous Javascript
  6. Using constraint layout programmatically to add views in android
  7. Find alphabetically largest letter that occurs in both uppercase and lowercase.
  8. Find if an array contains at least two elements which differ by 1.
  9. Tree - Preorder Traversal

The basic Javascript concepts which I uploaded in my blog is to help new javascript developers to grasp and understand every bits and piece of javascript which we developer missed.

Most of the coding challenges I post in my blog are the one which I came across some interview coding challenge and leet code. The problems are solved by me to help new developers learn and develop themselves.

I have 3 Patrons

Recently I started patreon and it's amazing to get support from my readers.

My Patreon page

It's humbling to have so much support. I haven't started using Patreon until recently, and I'm really happy that people have decided to support me. Currently I support the following tiers to my patreons.

  • Short Email Mentoring ($1/month): Send me 4 to 5 emails per month to ask me any technical questions, any advice or help with programming issue.
  • Longer Email Mentoring ($5/month): Send me 10 to 15 emails per month for technical help.
  • Get online support for React ($10/month): Mentoring on the stack # React # ReactNative ⚛️ + #Flow 🎤 + #GraphQL 📡 + #AWSAmplify 🛰.

If you like my work then you can always support me.

Email newsletter

As of May 31st 2020 my newsletter have 1006 subscribers.


It was a great month. Thank you all for reading, contributing, emailing, and donating!


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