What are some advice for upcomming teens?

Pratap's Advice to upcomming teens

To any teen who thinks this is another boring elderly uncle giving advice, I'm 25, and unlike most of us who learn this the hard way, I'm trying to provide you with something I wish I knew when I was 16

Teenage is one of the most exciting phases of life because this is the time when our body starts changing.

  1. Learn from your mistakes and never repeat the same mistake.
  2. After you completed class 12, start giving tuitions to the younger kids. (Doing this, you'll have pocket money for yourself and have recapped what you studies earlier, which will be helpful for any entrance exam in the future.)
  3. Don't have a friend circle of more than 5 or 6. No one will feed you when you have nothing. (Always be wise while choosing your circle. It can change your life.)
  4. Don't overlook your health as it is the most important for all and goes for all ages of people. Start working out; no need of going to the gym, play any outdoor sports or work out some callisthenics at home.
  5. Don't smoke, drink or take drugs. (Life is not meant for this, do something great so that people will remember you even after you're gone.)
  6. Depression is a serious issue, and it needs to be tackled. If you are suffering from any depression, seek medical help or share it with your friends.
  7. If you are good at anything, then start freelancing. Doing this will help you develop your skills, earn for the project you completed, and know how corporate life is. (Start immediately). Here are the sites where you can start of. There are a lot more, but I prefer these two only.
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  1. Create a profile on LinkedIn / Twitter and start following people with great profiles and try to learn from them. (This is helpful).
  2. Learn about investments as it is a good practice to read about investment plans from a young age. It helps you know the value of money. To know about 5 steps to start investing read here.
  3. Always be eager to learn something new. Be realistic.

    Don't make School an excuse not to do anything extra

  4. It's never late to start coding. Learn some coding languages. (JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby etc.).
  5. Whenever you learn something new, try to teach your friends too; this will help you get better with every teaching.
  6. Stop chasing girls/boys. Instead, you can chase your dreams.
  7. Listen to your parent's advice in every phase of your life because parents will say and everything for your goodness.

Note: If you find any mistakes or disagree with something, please forgive me. I'm still in my 20s and still trying to figure out about this life. I just wanted to tell these youngsters some things that nobody told me when I needed them.

If you learned something from this advice, please share it with your friends.

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